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xLogic SuperRelay

FAB Controller series
Bosch CL150 PLC
Euchner EKS

Euchner Safety Switches


Safety Switch with Relay Output

This type series consists of three parts:
  • Coded actuator
  • Read head
  • Evaluation unit

The actuator and read-head are available in a rectangular and cylindrical design. The read-heads are also available in a pluggable design. The low width of the evaluator unit permits space-saving assembly in the control cabinet. Two relay contacts (safety outputs) permit switching between large and small currents.



  • Two redundant relay outputs (safety outputs) with internally monitored contacts
  • Self-test without need to open the protective device
  • Removable keyed terminal blocks help avoiding errors during servicing
  • Actuator and read head in compact design (rectangular-shaped or cylindrical)

Teach-in function of the evaluation unit:

Prior to the system forming a functional unit, the actuator must be allocated to the evaluation unit in a learn function. During a learning process, the safety outputs are open and the door signal output is at LOW, i.e. the system is in a safe condition. Repeated learning by the same actuator on the same evaluation unit is not possible. The number of learning procedures on one evaluation unit is limited to a maximum of 8. The evaluation unit can only be operated with the last actuator learnt.

Self-test without need to open the protective device:

By applying 24 V DC to the test input TST, opening of the protective device can be simulated. The safety outputs are switched off thus enabling testing of the complete safety circuit. The diagnostic output ERR of the evaluation unit is also set at HIGH as a monitoring function. When resetting the test input TST, the evaluation unit resets the diagnostic output ERR to LOW, the red LED switches off and the safety outputs are switched on again. This permits self-testing of the safety system without opening the protective device.


Two redundant relay outputs with internally monitored contacts:

A dynamic scanning of the actuator and the complete safety electronics along with the two monitored safety outputs, the evaluation unit will enter the safe state whenever a detectable error occurs. When the safety guard is opened, the safety outputs disconnect the safety circuit and the door signal output (OUT) is switched to OW. The status of the safety outputs is monitored internally via forcibly guided NC contacts (relay outputs). If an internal error occurs in the evaluation unit, the safety circuit is disconnected, the diagnostic output (ERROR) is set to HIGH and the red ERROR LED lights up.


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