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Safety Switch with Semiconductor Output

The read-head and evaluation device form a compact unit in standard housing, according to EN 60 947-5-2. The evaluation unit with a degree of protection IP 67 is fitted on site to the guard device. The wiring requirement is reduced to a minimum through a decentralised wiring concept when connecting the plug connector, . Electrically separate semiconductor outputs also permit operation with switched-mode signals.  



  • Two redundant semiconductor outputs (safety outputs) with internally monitored contacts
  • Safety switch in one housing according EN 60 947-5-2
  • Short-circuit-proof signal and safety outputs
  • High level of operating safety
  • Read head and evaluation unit form a compact unit
  • Reduction of wiring errors during commissioning
  • Relocation of the evaluation unit from the control cabinet to the guard
  • Saves space in the control cabinet
  • Available for safety level 3 and safety level 4 (according to EN954)

Teach-in function of the evaluation unit:

Prior to the system forming a functional unit, the actuator must be allocated to the evaluation unit in a learn function. During a learning process, the safety outputs and the door signal output OUT are at LOW, i.e. the system is in a safe condition. Repeated learning by the same actuator on the same evaluation unit is not possible. The number of learning procedures on one evaluation unit is limited to a maximum of 8. The evaluation unit can only be operated with the last actuator learnt.


Two redundant semiconductor outputs with internally monitored contacts:

Owing to dynamic scanning by the actuator and the diversity of the safety electonics in conjunciton with two monitored safety outputs, the evaluation unit enters the safe state when any detactable error occurs. When the safety guard is opend, the safety outputs disconnect the safety circuit and the door signal output (OUT) is switched to LOW. The status of the safety outputs is monitored internally by means of two microprocessors. If an internal error occurs in the evaluation unit, the safety circuit is disconnected and the red OUT/ERROR LED lights up.


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Large mechanical tolerances possible with door alignment:

The characteristics of the Coded Electronic Key Safety switches CES are the wide operating range of the actuator as well as the integrated hysteresis. Therefore, they are an excellent choice whenever machine doors are subject to a high level of vibration or where repeatable positioning is an issue.


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