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Safety switch with relay output and the option of connection 1 - 2 or 1 - 4 read heads

Based on the concept of the safety switch CES-A-ABA-01, the evaluation unit of this series has the option of connecting 1 to 2 or 1 to 4 read heads. As a result, up to four safety guards can be monitored. The evaluation unit also possesses connection terminals for a start button and for the feedback loop for monitoring power contractors. The start button and the feedback loop are monitored for short-circuits.

A DIP switch on the evaluation unit allows the user to specify the following options:
- the number of read heads from 1 - 2 or 1 - 4 read heads
- manual or automatic start-up
- operation with or without a monitoring circuit



  • Evaluation unit can be used for 1 - 2 or 1 - 4 read heads
  • Teaching a new actuator using simple aids
  • Unlimited number of teach-in operations possible
  • Monitored start button and feedback loop
  • Safety category 4 according to EN 954-1 (according BG)
  • Large response area of 15 mm with additional hysteresis
  • Approval by BG, UL, SIBE

Teach-in function of the evaluation unit:

A “teach-in operation” lets you configure or reconfigure the entire system as required. What’s more, a new actuator can be taught as many times as is necessary during servicing, provided the necessary precautions are taken (placing a jumper on the evaluation unit)


A system with many advantages:

The non-contact safety switches CES-A-AEA... possess a relatively large response area of 15 mm. Compared with mechanical safety switches, the installation of the unit is easier because of a large mechanical tolerance for the door alignment. Therefore the assembly and maintenance costs are much lower. The evaluation unit is connected to the read head or can be plugged in using a M8 plug connector. In this way, the wiring errors are reduced to a minimum.

With a switching capacity of 24 V DC/6 A or 230 V AC/1,5 A, the evaluation unit can be connected directly to most power contactors without additional modules.


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The Safety Switch CES – a new safety concept:

With the new CES safety switch , EUCHNER has launched a comprehensive safety concept. Users can monitor the safety guard, perform wiring and evaluate tasks, and even monitor externally connected devices – all just using  an on-line system. The highest possible standards in safety can therefore be achieved cost-effectively, without the need for additional equipment such as emergency tripping devices.

The strict safety requirements for safety category 4 / EN 954-1 with BG approval are met with the capability of the non-contact safety switch CES-A-AEA-04B to monitor externally connected devices built-in.





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