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FAB Controller series from


A cost effective Industrial / home controller designed for ease of use and programming.

  • Either panel or DIN rail mounted.
  • 10 I/O unit measures 90 x 71mm.
  • 20 I/O unit 90 x 126mm.
  • AC model 85V to 260V.
  • DC model 10.2V to 28.5V.
  • Relay output 10A resistive, 2A inductive.
  • Transistor output 2A.




  • No need to learn Ladder Logic - programming is done by way of easy-to-use function blocks that handle all the internal logic for you.
    For example, to instruct the unit to phone you if an alarm is present - just use the telephone function block - enter the phone number to dial and connect the function block to the input position that monitors the alarm device. When the alarm occurs, the FAB controller handles the phone call and plays the pre-recorded alarm message.
  • The ability to source or receive a phone connection. Then, depending on the programmed and recorded messages, you can monitor and control equipment connected to the FAB Controller.
  • Record up to 98 messages onto the MUL unit which is attached to the FAB Controller. These messages can be announced over external speakers or through a telephone connection.
  • Useful date / time function block. Each block can hold a number of time events by date or by weekly events.
    Considering that the memory can hold up to 127 function blocks, you can build up a quite complex schedule of events to control a number of devices from just the one FAB Controller.

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