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Bosch CL 150 - the cost-effective PLC


Small in size - but a giant in performance

With its new CL 150, Bosch Automation now has a modular design, cost-effective PLC that delivers outstanding performance.

The CL 150 can be applied in a wide range of applications. For instance it can control handling equipment, feed units, assembly installations, wood-working machines, process control, sorting equipment and small sized special purpose machines.

This means that the new CL150 can be used for a wide range of applications which previously needed a larger PLC. This saves you space and reduces costs.

The integrated interfaces allow communication with the most varied control components such as Profibus-DP, Interbus-S, CANopen or DeviceNet.

Bosch CL-150 PLC



CL 150 Presentation:

A brief introduction to the CL150, this PDF contains the features, dimensions and specifications of the different units in the CL150 range, as well as the B I/O extension modules.

Click here to download document - 242 Kb (PDF)


 CL150 - Programming and testing - Free Download

Software package WinSPS - 34.47Mb
Info status



-Field bus slave
Digital Inputs 8 / 16 16 8 24V
Digital Outputs 8 8 8 24V/0.5A/el.
Analog Inputs - 2 - 0-10V/10bit
- 1 - Voltage:

Explanation: CL151 variants have a second serial interface, e.g. to connect a control terminal (V.24, 20mA, passive).

Supported field buses:
- Interbus-S
- CANopen
- Device Net

CL150 - Modular expansion

Digital / Analog max.
peripheral address range
48 byte input /
32 byte output
number of modules

CL150 - Special peripheral functions

I0.0 and I0.1 / I0.2 and I0.3 configurable as quick 32-bit-counter with direction change
I0.0 - I0.2 single configurable as quick alarm inputs

CL150 - User program memory

64 Kbytes
e.g. 12 K instructions and 32 data modules with 512 bytes each
RAM with Flash backup memory, module loading online, flexible data module processing,  program monitoring
(battery backup possible)
64 Kbytes 64 Kb flash add-on memory
(no monitoring and no module loading possible for programs in the add-on memory)

CL150 - User data memory
(Battery backup possible)

1216 markers (bit addressable)
8 Kb data field
256 byte system area
128 word user stack

CL150 - User program processing

Parameters for system and I/O OM2, OM3
Cold start, Warm start OM5, OM7
Cyclical programming processing OM1
2 timer-controlled modules OM18, OM19
1 timer interrupt OM17
3 interrupt modules OM10,OM11,OM12
1 error module OM9
Programming in modules, module levels 32, parameters allowed 128 FCs
Data structures 128 DMs

CL150 - Command processing

Instruction list like CL200;
except direct peripheral access only to integrated I/O
Addressing indirect, direct, register, constant
Registers A, B, C, D
Timer/Counter 128 software timers (time base 10ms, 100ms, 1s, 10s),
1 hardware timer (time base 1ms, opt. timer interrupt),
64 software counters

Order numbers

CL150 1070-080502
CL151 1070-081487
CL150 A 1070-081306
CL151 A 1070-081457
B~IO CL150-DP 1070-081304
B~IO CL151-DP 1070-081463
B~IO CL150-CAN 1070-081467
B~IO CL151-CAN 1070-081470
B~IO CL150-DEV 1070-081473
B~IO CL151-DEV 1070-081476
B~IO CL150-IBS 1070-081386
B~IO CL151-IBS 1070-081453
Boot adapter for CL150 1070-083121
Battery pack 1070-081777
Screw terminal SA-K16 1070-080342
Screw terminal SA-CL151 1070-081805
Screw terminal SA-CL15XA 1070-081801
Spring-loaded terminal FK-K16 1070-080349
Spring-loaded terminal FK-CL151 1070-081804
Spring-loaded terminal FK-CL15XA 1070-081800
Terminal block 2x18-K 1070-080157
Terminal block 4x18-K 1070-080155
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